About the Symposium

The 89th annual meeting of the American Chemical Society Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry will highlight the latest scientific advances in colloid and surface science, its intersection with other scientific domains such as biophysics and environmental science, and its application in biotechnology, coatings, functional nanomaterials, and other diverse areas. The conference is traditionally organized and hosted by a university, and thrives on strong international attendance by participants from academia, industry and national laboratories. Approximately 500 oral and poster presentations are expected for this premier event in our field.

In addition to 13 technical symposia and a poster session, this symposium features two plenary lectures, the Unilever Award Lecture, the Victor K. LaMer Award Lecture, and an instrument exhibition. The social program includes a Sunday evening dinner reception, a Monday evening poster session with refreshments, and the Tuesday evening Symposium Banquet at theĀ Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

Meeting Speakers

Plenary Speakers

Tejal Desai

University of California, San Francisco

David Pine
New York University

Keynote Speakers:

Colin Bain, Univ. Durham

Emanuela Bianchi, TU Vienna

Wuge Briscoe, Univ. Bristol

Peter Butler, Penn State Univ.

Warren Chan, Univ. Toronto

Suzanne Giasson, Univ. Montreal

Franz J. Giessibl, Univ. Regensburg

Jay Groves, UC Berkeley

Jacob Israelachvili, UC Santa Barbara

Heinrich Jaeger, Univ. Chicago

Huda Jerri, Firmenich

Vijay John, Tulane Univ.

Christine Keating, Penn State Univ.

Dominique Langevin, CNRS

Matthew Lynch, Procter and Gamble

Glen McHale, Northumberland Univ.

Ali Mani, Stanford Univ.

Ian Morrison, Harvard Univ.

Sumita Pennathur, UC Santa Barbara

Suzie Pun, Univ. Washington

Navid Saleh, Univ. Texas

Ivan Smalyukh, University of Colorado

Michael Solomon, Univ. Michigan

Norman Wagner, Univ. Delaware

Anand Yethiraj, Memorial University

Ming Zheng, NIST